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Mold Store USA™ we manufacture all of our own products in our own shop as they get ordered! All items are proudly made in the USA!

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The affiliate flow chart below is a visual explanation on how our affiliate program works.

Starting at the top left:

The MOLD STORE USA™ manufacturing business supplies products made in our own shop right here in the USA.

The MOLD STORE USA™ web site is our only store. We do not support a brick and mortar store and prefer to manufacture and ship in a JIT (Just in Time) fashion since our manufacturing capabilities are unique to us in that fashion.

Our business has two main sources of customers. Independent customers that come to us via finding us on search engines and through our own efforts of reaching out to customers from past sales on other sites we may have in related areas of products.

The second and most important customer source to us is our affiliates who sign up with our unique affiliate marketing program.

We want to be clear! We do not support a MLM or multi level marketing structure. Each affiliate is a stand alone entity and is not required to do any recruiting for us at all. The only benefit of an affiliate recruiting others to join our affiliate program is in helping personal friends, family, and associates in earning extra income by using our affiliate program to do the same as they do. The other way that helps the original affiliate is the more we grow, the more we can do to help each affiliate reach more people to help them expand their own personal networks.

Unlike all other affiliate programs, where once an affiliate has sent a customer to a business via an online affiliate link and earns a small commission on a sale, that is the final commission that is earned by the affiliate. A new customer has to follow the affiliates links online to make another purchase to earn the affiliate another commission.

Of course we offer the same online linking options to our affiliates which they can use by posting their affiliate links in social media, email to friends and family, on blog's, and on web sites if they have them.

This is where we part ways with the standard affiliate program on the Internet.

We not only offer the same great options of online affiliate linking, but we also offer our active affiliates a physical way to provide their contacts with a referral system on CD's. Our affiliates can physically hand out the CD's or can mail them to friends and family members anywhere in the USA. The CD's are specifically linked inside with that affiliates linking code. The CD's are also freely licensed to be copied as needed and handed out to anyone that may be interested.

This is the exciting part! When a customer places an order, not only do we ship out the products in a very timely manner, but we also include no less than 3 additional CD's with the referring affiliates linking code inside. We ask that the customer keep one of them if they do not already have a CD and pass the others on to friends and family members.

The CD's encourage people to sign up with our newsletter, which if a CD is used to reach our site, or any other affiliate link is followed and they sign up with our newsletter, that referring affiliate earns a commission even though no actual transaction has taken place. We further encourage the CD user to use the CD's to quickly link to our site so as to ensure that the affiliates links are followed so if any purchase is made, the affiliate earns a commission. The CD's have the latest web store coupon code made available to the user internally. Once a customer is signed up with our newsletter, they receive the latest coupon code and also the latest password and username to gain access to our free membership area "The Secret Door".

The CD's create an ever expanding customer base for the affiliate well beyond anything that has been done before with an affiliate program. Our goal in doing this is to encourage the affiliate to keep working to expand their affiliate network by simply getting people to our site via online linking and the spread of the physical CD's.

We have just recently completed a new feature on our CD's that includes a PDF document that makes it possible for MAC and PC users alike to reach our site via our affiliates linking code.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to use our Contact Us page and ask!


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