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Mold Store USA™ we manufacture all of our own products in our own shop as they get ordered! All items are proudly made in the USA!

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Our Online Store Discount Coupons

There are three ways to get up to date store coupons for use in our online store.

1.) Join our Free Newsletter and each week we will send out a new coupon code to subscribers along with tips, tricks, new molds and products added to our inventory, free prize listings, and more.

2.) Download our special connection software that is stand alone and does not need to be installed to your computer. The software requires that your computer is able to access the Internet and also requires Windows® XP and above as your operating system. A special area in the software connects to our server and displays the latest coupon code along with a direct link to our site so you get instant access to the coupon code and our site on the spot. The software is free to download.

3.) Use our special site referral CD that has nearly the same software as above on it. We send them out with every order along with a couple extra ones that you can give away to friends and family. The software on the CD's also has another message area that is unique to our site and our business that the CD users have exclusive access to. Consider it a "secret back door" with fun and useful stuff on the other side! Some areas behind the "secret back door" require a password that may change from time to time that is only sent out to our newsletter subscribers.

The CD's are also tied to our affiliate program on our site in a very unique way. These CD's can earn you 15% commissions on referrals and on your own purchases. Signing up with our affiliate program is free to do.

You can learn more about our unique affiliate program by clicking on the Affiliate Program link in our menu on the left.


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