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Mold Store USA™ we manufacture all of our own products in our own shop as they get ordered! All items are proudly made in the USA!

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Our Other Sites

As true American entrepreneurs, we have several other products we manufacture in our shop or have designed that deserve their own web sites. Some of these sites are listed below. The links below will open in a new browser window for you. Desert Publishing is our site that features gift greeting cards that each have a full sized CD mounted inside with stand alone software that is fantastic for those that love to cook, have handy computer tools, and just need some relaxation time. This site also uses the same awesome affiliate program that we use on this site. Custom Sweets is our site where we take orders for fully customized chocolate molds. We specialize in making molds for businesses, weddings, family events, school and other fundraising efforts, and more. Have you ever played with spinning tops as a kid? Well, this site features a fantastic new spinning top series that actually score when they fall over and stop. Some of them can be used for divination and of course game playing. Unlike rolling a set of dice, these tops make you wait in anticipation for your number or symbol to reveal itself. The mold maker and designer for the Mold Store USA™ site is also a lover of physical games and has designed all of the 3D physical games that are shown at the Elven Games web site. Hex A.R.T. is a special game board system that makes it possible to turn any map, drawing, or photo into an instant game board. The system features hex shaped playing boards that allow for expansion into any direction in building a game playing surface. Fantastic for RPG and Tactical War Game playing. As a hobby and as an actual business for many years, the owner of the Mold Store USA™ site and business spent many thousands of hours engraving glass doing wildlife and portraits in fine stipple work done into the surface of glass. He has also published a Kindle book on the subject and has supplied special patterns that people can download to do their own glass engraving with. Molding the World with New Ideas! This is a fantastic molding material that can be melted over and over again on your kitchen stove. It is very flexible and you can see into it easily enough that you can cut areas needed to remove difficult models. For instance, and open hole in a handle on a cup would trap the model in the molding material. Many kinds of materials can be cast in a Xenopoly mold. Plastics, plaster, soap, chocolate, frozen yogurt, and even butter can be perfectly formed in this material and easily removed. Yes, it is FDA approved for food contact if not used for anything else that may contaminate it. Xenopoly is sold on this site at Mold Store USA™ Xenostone is a cold set ceramic material that sets up in less than an hour once mixed with water and has very strong compression strength. It can be used for exterior as well as interior decor purposes and can be cast in plastic or flexible molds. The Xenostone web site has a gallery you can explore and get ideas from. There are two formulas for Xenostone. One has a very unique characteristic that allows for doing laser art directly onto castings as soon as it is de molded from a casting. Xenostone is sold on this site at Mold Store USA™ CrowTalker is the authors pen name for the many books that this sites owner has published to Kindle over the last few years. The owner of Mold Store USA™ actually designed and produced the specialized thermal forming equipment that we use to produce most of the products featured here on this site. The Replicator Pro II is an incredible machine capable of forming many kinds of plastics into useful products. This is a highly advanced machine that is well worth the investment.


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