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Mold Store USA™ we manufacture all of our own products in our own shop as they get ordered! All items are proudly made in the USA!

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About Us at Mold Store USA™

Mold Store USA™ is a family owned and operated business. With over 45 years of hands on mold making experience and innovation in mold making and manufacturing machinery. What may seem to be a brand new business is actually an old business with a brand new face!

Mold making is as old as mankind but many new ideas and modern applications of equipment have made it possible for us to produce completely different molds one at a time and still do it as efficiently as is normally done by other companies when only one mold design is run on a machine for long periods because of the expense of setup time. Since we have been able to practically eliminate setup time in our manufacturing methods, we do not add that into the cost of our products.

We actually manufacture our own mold making equipment as well. We have put a great deal of time into innovating and producing artwork for molds in such a manner that even the new 3D printing and laser scanning technology cannot touch us for speed and time from concept to actual production of plastic molds from our master mold library.

Of course it pays to be artistic as well as inventive!

The owner of the company is also an experienced programmer and has developed a totally unique business model for this new venture that has never been done before.

Starting with the basics of a very high end affiliate program, the owner has developed a physical way to use the affiliate program to expand the sites affiliates reach far beyond just that of the Internet by physically producing a CD program which expands the affiliates referrals by a factor of three.

Our family started this business over three years ago in an effort to bring all of the different mold making web sites and product manufacturing sites together under one roof that were scattered around the Internet like leaves from a tree. With the new innovations in working with our affiliates, we are practically able to eliminate the need for SEO services and relying on search engines to provide us with the needed traffic to become successful.

That project culminated just recently into the build of this web site which is just starting to be assembled.

We look forward to sharing our little gems of information in our sites weekly newsletters and in the process, we hope your family gets to know our family and we create something fantastic together!

Mold Store USA™


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