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Mold Store USA™ we manufacture all of our own products in our own shop as they get ordered! All items are proudly made in the USA!

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Our Affiliate Program at Mold Store USA

Mold Store USA™ has set up our own dedicated affiliate program for this site.

Our affiliate program is free to sign up with and pays a 15% commission on sales that you send our way. CLICK HERE to sign up with our affiliate program. The same link will also take you to the affiliate login page once your account has been approved.

Once our team has approved your application, you can start posting links, banners, page peels, or any other method you like using to start earning money from our site. This is standard to any good affiliate program.

Affiliates can purchase products from our shopping cart by following their own affiliate links and earn back 15% commissions on their purchases!

Mold Store USA does something very unique in the affiliate world though.


Approved affiliates get included in our special software CD's that we use to promote our web site, we create a special CD master for the approved affiliate that we use to create the CD's from that people receive from any orders that are sent our way by that affiliate. This is FREE to our approved affiliates.

When a person places an order for any of our products the shipped order will also contain our sites software CD's, if that order comes from an affiliate link either inside of one of our CD's, or from any other affiliate link followed from the Internet or from an email, the affiliate earns a 15% commission as well as the new order is sent out with that affiliate's special coded software CD's.

This makes every CD that is sent out that is related to an affiliate referral a very powerful and physical marketing tool.

If you are part of any organization no matter how small that does fundraising, which can include animal shelters, class projects for school, or anything worthwhile, please click on the Contact Us link in the left menu and send us an email to learn more on how we can help you with your fundraising project.



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