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School Monogrammed Molds

All of our molds in the Monogrammed Mold Category in our online store can be used for school monogrammed mold making.

For the most part, the fonts used for making school monogrammed molds is the Octin Sports BL font as shown below. Any fonts on this site can be used in place of it though, so there are no restrictions in what you might want to use in this fonts place.

Octin Sports BL Font

Most schools, no matter what grade level, use four letters as a monogram to identify themselves. We also see schools use anywhere from a single letter to more than four, so there is not a real solid rule on how many letters might be used for a school monogram.

Please keep in mind that we do not do monogrammed molds for colleges or professional sports teams that require licensing. There may also be other things that cross the line for legal reasons, but for the most part, we will do monogrammed molds for most schools without a problem. We do not accept any responsibility for how the molds we make may be used, or for any profits or losses in making products from them.

That said, there are lots of ways that schools can use our molds to raise funds for good causes, or to use them for making products for special events.


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