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Chocolate Name Molds™

Thank you for visiting our website! Here you will find in our Online Store a great selection of molds that you can have a name put in. We accept either first names and most common last names. We do not accept business names or pet names on this site as part of this program.

Except for the Wonka Style bar below, the font used in all of our other "NAME" molds is "Impact". Using the two single style fonts for our name molds allows us to make them at an affordable price for everyone.

Wonka style chocolate name mold

For those that want to have a business name, or a logo mold done, our company makes fully custom molds for this purpose. Please contact us if you have a custom business related mold or custom family event mold you want to have made.

We do not make molds with pet names because chocolate is toxic to most animals.

When you choose a name mold to order in our store, there will be a place to put the name you want on that mold for us to make for you. Some molds may have more than one place to put a name on them.

If you order a mold with a name and want another name in the same style mold you can simply continue shopping and add another one with of the same style and put the new name in on the order.

Business Card Chocolate Name Mold

We have mold designs you can put names in of all kinds. If you don't see something that fits what you want to be done, then please do not hesitate to ask if it may be something we can make for our store.

The reason we can offer these molds at great prices is because we can use the names over and over and use them for most of the different molds we make here. When we don't have a particular person's name, we make the investment on our end to add it to our collection. We know that most people's names will be used by others at some point in time, so we are willing to do this.

We mail out several times a week and ship via Priority Mail so any mold offered here goes out fairly quickly. If we do not have a particular name in our collection yet, it may cause a day or so in delay for mailing.

Sadly, we cannot offer overnight mail from our location. The best we can do is ship via Priority Mail the day after we receive an order for a name mold. That said, we turn out orders as fast as we can as we actually make the molds when we receive the order.

We offer molds here for all kinds of holidays and special events. Nothing beats having a mold that you can use over and again that is personalized with a person's name in them. We recently made a mold for this program that a person bought 15 different names in to be used as Christmas chocolate place cards at a family dinner. The process opened some doors here to be able to offer a very wide selection of chocolate molds for all kinds of events.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to write us and ask.


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