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About Monograms

A monogram is usually depicted as an image of a single letter or up to 4 letters that when put together become a personalized logo or symbol of unity between married couples or a family.

The original word (monogram) denotes the use of a single letter to represent a full name. Today, the monogram image can be made up of one, two, three or four letters to create a monogram for one person or a family.

Single Letter Monogram:

When a single letter is used as a monogram, it will usually be either the letter for the first name or for the last name. In most cases it is the first letter of the last name indicating the family name, but can certainly be a first initial to indicate personal use items. For instance, a wine glass, set of towels, or robe, may have a first initial on them.

Example for Georgia Muller would be to use either the G, or the M as the initial in the monogrammed item.

Two Letter Monogram:

A two letter monogram is usually used for the first and last name of a person.

Example for David Muller would be DM or can also be MD but is usually the first example of DM.

Three Letter Monogram:

Three letter monograms used for a single person are made up of the the first initial, middle initial, and last initial. There are two ways this is usually done.

Example One would be David K. Muller (DMK) where the Last Name initial is in the middle and usually larger with the First Name initial on the left and the Middle Name initial on the right side. This is the traditional way for it to be done.

Example Two would be David K. Muller (DKM) with all the letters in the monogram being the same size. This is usually done in the same sequence as the name is said.

Example Three would be for a couple about to be married, becoming life partners, or are married and will be using the monogram to indicate both people in the same monogram. For instance, Georgia and David Muller could use (GMD) OR (DMG).

The traditional way would be to use the woman's initial on the left, but can be either way you want it for your own personal reasons.

Four Letter Monograms:

When a couple decide to maintain their last names, or have four names in their name, there can be several ways this might be used as a four letter monogram.

For a single person with four names all of their initials would probably be used with all of the letters being the same size and in the proper order of the name unless their last name is made up of a combination of two names.

If the monogram is for Georgia Muller and David Smith, and they wanted the monogram to reflect that they are blending their last names to become Muller-Smith, then the monogram would probably be written as (GMSD) with the woman's name being on the left. This is of course a personal preference, and is entirely up to the people having the monogram done for them.

School Monograms:

Letter molds for school names is part of our program for doing custom monogrammed molds and other products that may be offered for sale.

Monogrammed molds for schools would usually be comprised of four letters and most would use the Octin Sports letter style on the Font Selection Page: (the font that is depicted below). Any other font listed on this web site can certainly be used in place of the one shown below.

Octin Sports BL Font
Octin Sports BL Font

We will do all K-12 schools using up to four letters when given permission to do so by a school official. An example would be Osage City Junior High (OCJH) in any font and mold combination listed on this site.

Keep in mind that we will not do college monograms or Greek letter monogrammed molds due to licensing issues without direct contact with the department or persons responsible for licensing and use of such registered letter monograms. Greek letter symbols for sororities and fraternities are heavily protected and even a sorority or fraternity chapter must adhere to the licensing contracts and not use or purchase products from a non licensed vendor.

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